Enter Here to Draw and Watercolor

A concise way to learn drawing and watercolor in a short, independent, self-paced course. 

Designed for you to explore drawing and watercolor on your own schedule, at your own pace. 

Enter Here... is an absolute basics program in drawing and watercolor to get you started with graphite and watercolor pencils, and to prepare you for more in-depth study and practice.

Enter Here... introduces you to watercolor with watercolor pencils, a natural bridge from drawing to watercolor. This gives you the opportunity to learn color fundamentals and experience the watercolor medium with minimal investment in watercolor supplies. (Yes, you use a brush and water.)

Work this independent mini-course over a weekend or longer. It's up to you how to manage your time.

These unique foundation lessons feature bite-size presentations, self-paced rhythm (no deadlines), with varied assignments (do-able!), lots of illustrations and links, and five videos.

Enter Here... is for you if you
  • think you might be but are not entirely sure that you want to start drawing and watercolor or 
  • that you have absolutely no time for such things but really kind of want to try or 
  • if you'd like to get started with a simple basics course right here and now while waiting to get into the online foundation course or 
  • want to make the leap directly into Suzanne's art history practicums and need a quick primer to help you start or remember how to put that pencil and brush to paper or 
  • if you just want to see what Suzanne's teaching is like and how she provides instruction.

What you receive:

  • the complete Enter Here course download
  • clear, concise instruction text
  • foundation drawing exercises
  • practical exercises to understand color and color behavior
  • 5 personal over-my-shoulder videos with guidance + instruction
  • loads of illustrations
  • art history links
  • many little practice projects
  • one big practice project
  • a research project
  • a history lesson
  • some bonus inspiration
  • help to start a practice of your own

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63 pages, 5 videos and many, many illustrations.

Here's how it works:

Upon payment and registration, you receive a welcome email with your course download and instructions.

You can get started with any pencil and any paper but you'll a few supplies. I've created a list of materials for you that will last well beyond these lessons. That's a good thing! Drawing and watercolor require practice.

Get a head start...
Click here for your supply list. This includes a set of good graphite pencils, kneaded eraser, multi-media sketchbook (can handle some water), a hot press watercolor block, a small cold press watercolor pad, a set of 24 watercolor pencils, a couple of brushes and a pencil sharpener.  If you already have some of these items, by all means, use what you have.

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63 pages, 5 videos and many, many illustrations.